Friday, November 18, 2011

looking at my day

I think that sums up my feelings about today. Here's a rundown:

* wake up at 6:11

* grumble

* drink coffee

* moar coffee

* drive to bus stop barefoot

* deliver other child to preschool, where his Native American name for the Thanksgiving Feast
will be "Indian Bear" and decide it's not worth fighting about

* enjoy a cinnamon roll and coffee at a haunted restaurant

* send an email to a lawyer acquaintance requesting book research help on proper wording for legally killing debtors

* learn they have blocked Facebook on their wireless for being "inappropriate"

* get all pissy over censorship and vow to complain loudly later, on Facebook

* get a haircut to cut off all the green but then don't actually cut it all off

* pick up Indian Bear and have lunch with Grandma Indian Bear

* pick up other child at the bus stop, where she honestly and without irony asks me WHO LET THE DOGS OUT? NO, REALLY? NO ONE WILL TELL ME.

* return home to complain about censorship and do 1000 things

* only accomplish 2 of those things

* sit anxiously in front of the computer until it's time to go see... an intellectual movie about... not vampires

* realize that I have 1 book to beta, 3 books to revise, 1/2 a book to write, and a really fantastic book to read

* it's by Meljean Brook, and it's called Heart of Steel, and it's the sequel to The Iron Duke, a steampunk romance so fantastic I actually named my car after it

* decide to ignore all the other stuff and just go read

* also, I'm hungry

* and I forgot what this list was about

* so I'm sure that's a big surprise


New haircut:
It's the same as the old haircut,
but with half an inch of teal on the bottom.



Tanya said...

I was going to *gasp* YOU CUT OUT THE GREEN?! And then I remembered why I now have black hair with random bleach streaks. Green. The blue turns green after a couple washes. Pain in the arse to keep up.

urfaqhesse said...

you look absolutely stunning. Sorry i don't get to comment more, but i love to catch up with the family on days of leisure. love you guys.

delilah, the unruly helpmeet said...

Tanya, I'm thinking about covering it up with purple later. I was an art major, so I don't know why I didn't anticipate the beautiful teal turning hunter green. Le sigh. Is nothing permanent ever permanent?