Thursday, October 20, 2011

you were good to me, 33


That's right guys.


Thus far,


* 33 was pretty good
* I got some interesting news today on the book front
* we will be celebrating with jousting
* Dr. Krog ordered my Darcy Cake
* I have received one kickass gift
* my daughter made me a card that says I LOVE YOU MOMMY BE HAPPY
* my son said I'm pretty
* there will be hibachi
* Dr. Krog bought me two cute jackets and a pair of zippy boots
* I bought myself these fabulous shoes:


* I have to go to a funeral tomorrow
* I can't wear my fabulous new skull shoes to a funeral
* synesthesia says 34 is a fugly number, although it's slightly better than 32.

I'll keep you updated as the birthday progresses.



Virginia Valerie said...

Happy Birthday Darling D. Sorry you have to go to a funeral. I hope this year is a good one for you. Looking forward to your report on boots, jackets, book news, jousting, and cake. Darcy cake? As in Mr. Darcy? Colin Firth never tasted so good!

ChaosMandy said...

I'm sorry about the funeral.

I'm 34 - I'll be 35 in March. 34 has been very good to me since 34 was the age that I got to become a GeekMom writer and I realized that being a writer is what I'm good at and want to do with my life.

I'm a little worried about 35 though *L*

Happy Early Birthday!

Ericka said...

I have started to look forward to your yearly color report. Sorry to hear you have to go to a funeral, let me know if there is anything I can do for you today. And I hope 34 kicks 33's ass and becomes the best year yet!!