Thursday, October 27, 2011

putting the fun in you guys are still funny

These guys have been my friends since about 1994. I think. I lose track.

We once did an independent study on British humor, which meant we played a lot of pool while watching Monty Python and broke one of my windows while beating a Cabbage Patch Kid like a pinata.

I get to see them about once a year, for about 2 hours.

Totally worth it.

Also, I think I owe someone $13 for a Diet Coke, 24 shrimp, and some Malbec.

Next year, the brownie sundaes are on me.

I think of myself as a very fortunate person in many respects, and knowing fun, intelligent, and hilarious people for nearly 20 years is one of those respects. Even if they still call me Missy and make fun of my arm hair. Except for Meggo, not pictured, who only says really nice things about me and is therefore extra awesome.

Thanks for driving all the way home, guys. You rock.

See you next year.

In Iceland.

Over some moose testicles.


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Jamie said...

I love old friends! You are right they are a huge blessing!!!