Thursday, October 6, 2011

oh, pear.

So... I won't be joining the ranks of the pear-dippers any time soon.

It didn't look so good, but HOLY CRADOODLE, it tasted AMAZING.

I was much better at all the other things we did today.

Sample delicious food at Harry & David? CHECK.

Stop the tour group in order to snap a photo of a painting of two lobsters fighting in Shakespearean kit? CHECK.



Take a photo by the pumpkins while hoping that my luggage wasn't lost? CHECK.

Buy a hat, some new perfume, and an AMAZING almond marzipan cupcake from Larry's in Ashland, Oregon? DOUBLE-BILLION-GAZILLION CHECKS.

Have a delightful plane flight discussing books with a bibliophile named Barbara? CHECK.

Bond with a fellow Southerner over the fact that our route through the airport was so oddly deserted that we were waiting to hear either zombies or banjos, then go to Rogue Ales Public House for a kickass Kobe burger? CHECK.

In conclusion:

Absolutely adored everything about this trip from the people to the food
to the passion of everyone who works at Harry & David?
Want to stay in Oregon for another week?
Deeply dig peppermint-covered pretzels?
Be super happy?




Tanya said...

Man, I need to get out more =) I don't know what this Harry and David is but it's now on my list of Portland things to see before I go back to Texas.

I've been eating like a hippie to save room for all the giant burgers and beer I'll have when my husband visits. That food looks fantastic.

Virginia Valerie said...

i am glad you had a great trip! And if you ever wonder why i sometimes long for the Northwest, now you know. :-)

delilah, the unruly helpmeet said...

Yes, Tanya. Go tour the candy factory, then go to the flagship store and SAMPLE ALL THE THINGS.

Yes, Val, I get it now. I <3 those mountains like WHOA.