Monday, October 17, 2011

i, too, had a dream. it involved ice.

Can anyone guess what that is?

Can you?

That's a circle of scarlet ibises, two frogs, and a firefly. They are ice skating.


Okay, just kidding. It was pretty trippy, even with a proper frame of reference.

That, friends, is DISNEY ON ICE.

Subtitle: Bean and Biscuit's Next Excellent Journey, Because Who Could Forget THIS?

And it was awesome.

Oh, and here's proof that I left the surburbs:


And, for the record, Centennial Olympic Park was pretty cool.

The show was pretty cool, too. From what I could gather, it was a three-part play about a woman suffering paranoid delusions. She wanted to make beignets, wear dangerous shoes, and communicate with the stars. At one point, she and her French friend turned into giant, ice-skating frogs and swam around world 3 from Super Mario 3. King Koopa looked an awful lot like a giant crocodile with a trumpet. The most impressive part involved aerial silks, and Rapunzel wrapped herself up in her hair and flew around.

I know that sounds insane, but IT'S ALL TRUE.

Also, my kid has awesome shoes.

And she spent her $20 on the EXACT same pair of plastic Cinderella shoes that she bought two years ago, which is actually pretty adorable. Except for all the clopping around on wood floors.

She clops a lot now.

And she spent the rest of her money on ice cream.

I got to eat the last of those Dippin' Dots. Once they had melted out of dottiness and were more Mushin' Mush. But it was still delicious. And then there was CAKE.

Conclusion: Love my kid, love our friends, loved our day.

Happy Birthday, Bean!


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Anonymous said...

Would the Biscuit like a coloring book? Look at my facebook for more details, but I can get it done pretty quickly/easily. I don't know what to get for the boy (I don't remember what his blogname is). Either way, I doubt I'll see them on this trip - but I will happily get them stuff from us.