Friday, October 14, 2011

fall fashion

What does fall mean to me?

New jackets.

Fun sweaters and belts.

My first infinity scarf.

The Night Circus made me do it. I wanted black and white stripes.

And that's also why I wore this outfit today.

All black and white with one pop of red.
In the book, they wear red scarves.
But my red scarf isn't here yet,
so I wore a striped scarf and a red bracelet.

And if I can find the time later,
I'll take some pics of my new hats and boots.
I never cared about fashion until...
oh, about last year.

But now?

I love pretty things.

Having kids taught me to treasure the moments
when I am entirely myself,
without having to plan my wardrobe around
holding hands, wearing baby carriers, or
stuffing my pockets with tissues.

I might even wear a dress today.

Dare me?



dk said...

You don't need us to dare you, and you know it. But, to make it official: I dare you to wear a dress today. ;)

Virginia Valerie said...

Hey Beautiful! You'll be fighting off admirers all day! Great look for you!

Anonymous said...

DANG! Smokin' Hot wife alert!

-Dr. Krog

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Dr. Krog in the hizzy!


Anonymous said...

I still don't have sweater or jacket weather, but it should come soon.

You're looking mighty stylish. Have a lovely weekend.