Friday, September 9, 2011


So I just turned in my first revisions to my editor. According to my usual cycle, I would be gearing up for some big blog humor, or at least cogitating the seed for another book.

But you know what?

I got nothing.

I need to do some maintenance. The house needs cleaning, of course. The laundry needs washing. I should probably buy a new vacuum cleaner. And that doesn't even include all the writing tasks put to the side while I rushed to hit my first deadline way early.

But you know what?


It's Fall.


It's time for skinny jeans and high boots. It's time to crunch leaves and drink hot coffee and break out my pumpkin perfume oils. It's time to wear copper-colored eyeshadow and shop for cute jackets. It's time to sit outside and just breathe, hoping for some wind-inspired goosebumps. It's time to start planning Halloween costumes. It's time to spend the evenings barreling through the second season of Community, a TV show that pretty much represents my brain in sitcom form. It's time to lay in bed in the morning before the alarm rings, wiggling my toes back and forth and trying to remember dreams.

It's time to roll through the Krispy Kreme drive-thru just to ask when the pumpkin donuts will be available and then thank the guy very kindly when he gives me a hot donut to take away the pain of waiting another month.

It's Fall.

It's my favorite time of year.

Please expect me to be in a metaphysical hammock for a little while, listening to music you can't hear and waiting for the air to smell like smoke.

Pity me not, for I'm a victim of my own contentment.



dk said...

Awesome. No comparison, but Dunkin already has their pumpkin line going (mmm... Pumpkin latte), and I've already got my Halloween playlist cranking (songs with Halloween, Devil, Moon, Demon, Hell, Werewolf, etc in the title).
Fall is seriously the best time of year.

Virginia Valerie said...

mmmm. nice. it was fallish this morning here and really nice. Crispy! Today i'm making pumpkin focaccia with swiss cheese and walnuts, french onion soup, as well as pumpkin pie. :-)

Soon I'll be shopping for cute tents to wear during my 3rd trimester. Already got a couple of hobbit sweaters. :-P

That was nice of donut man to give you a donut for your trouble.

Got any halloween ideas for a big belly?

delilah, the unruly helpmeet said...

Yes, Val. I demand you dress as a nun and carry a sign that says THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT.

Alternately, craft a small Alien puppet and have it ripping out of your stomach.

Virginia Valerie said...

hahahahaha!!! Awesome! Halloween will be epic!