Sunday, September 18, 2011

it be almost pirate day, mateys!

Yarr, me hearties!

Talk Like a Pirate Day is Monday, which means on Saturday,
we celebrated with...

Pirate Day makes me ridiculously happy, even if it's not a cake-centric holiday. I mean, Halloween used to be our only adults can dress up like pirates and swagger around day, but now we have TWO of those days, and that's why 2011 is fabulous.

Last year, we were rocked by D's Hurricanes.

This year, something went wrong with the Hurricanes. Half of them tasted like the bottom of a Sonic cherry limeade, and the other half were like sipping cherry cough syrup. We renamed them Tropical Depressions and cleansed our palates with hot beer cheese and Rice Krispy Treat boats, because that is what pirates do.

We also watched the movie Your Highness, which is like Dude, Where's My Car for the medieval set. It's pretty clear that Natalie Portman and James Franco sold their souls to the devil at some point, and the devil called it in for this movie, because one of them gets 95% nekkid and the other one gets molested by an elderly alien, and I'm not saying which was which. Let's just say it wasn't 127 Hours of Oscar-worthy Black Swan.

In conclusion:

1. It's really hard tucking in a poet's blouse.
2. Grog tastes better out of a skull mug.
3. I only like beer if it's in my cheese.
4. I need to see the end of Your Highness.
5. Pirate Day is AWESOME because my friends are AWESOME.
6. Is it Halloween yet?



jarvenpa said...

all awesome, but I'm really commenting because the placement of "go here" beneath the cover of your hot book (or the hot guy on the cover of the book) is very...interestingly placed.

It is fun being a dirty minded elder, let me tell you.

dk said...

jarvenpa for the win! Yar, matey!!

delilah, the unruly helpmeet said...

Yeah, that was totally on purpose. Or was it? AM I REALLY THAT DIRTY-MINDED?

You'll have to read the book to find out!