Wednesday, September 14, 2011

the future is now, and it is indeed bright

This week, I've been especially impressed with the futuristic aspects of 2011.

For example:

1. I bought DVD-Rs instead of CD-Rs, mainly because they had a pretty pattern on them. I lost the receipt. But I simply gave the girl at Target my credit card and the DVD-Rs, and she scanned them with a magic gun. POOF. $8 back in my account. LIKE MAGIC.

2. I got a letter from the gas company saying that if I didn't make plans in the next 30 days, my rate would double. I went online to a different company, got an even lower rate than the original, and googled for a coupon code that offers $75 in rebates. Then I switched gas companies online. I NEVER HAD TO TALK TO A SINGLE HUMAN BEING.

3. Yesterday, as you may have noticed, my editor gave me permission to post my book cover. Which I did. A lot. Someone on Twitter retweeted the link, and a book blogger I had never heard of found it and mentioned it on her blog in the nicest way ever. I thanked her, followed her blog and on Twitter, and added her to my "please review my book one day because you are awesome" list.

4. In just one day, thanks to the brilliance of the internet and some very kind people, I've got 76 likes on my Facebook author page and am meeting lovely people all over the world. And the book doesn't even exist yet!

That's some kind of magic.

I will now consent to wait for my jetpack just a leeeetle longer.



Tanya said...

I don't *care* if I get to be JetBoy; those names suck.

delilah, the unruly helpmeet said...