Saturday, September 3, 2011


So this morning I swallowed my fear and drove to Decatur, aka THE NEXUS OF EVIL to meet my Twitter friend Harley and rub elbows with authors at the Decatur Book Festival.

For example, here is me with Myra McEntire, author of the fantastic YA book HOURGLASS.

I learned several things today.

1. Signed books are prettier.

2. No one can spell DELILAH on the first try.

3. The Brick Store is the coolest restaurant ever and made me feel like I was in The Hobbit, but with skateboards and pierogies.

4. Pierogies? THEY ROCK.

5. When going to a festival, wear comfortable shoes, and by comfortable, I mean NOT YOUR CUTE NEW HEELS, MORON. My blisters have blisters.

6. Meeting your writing friends in real life and talking about writing is the most writingly writersome thing ever, and now I understand why people go to conferences to talk about their jobs.

7. Eric Wight is a very cool guy, and I need to read his books about Frankie Pickle.

8. Grown women can be reduced to quivering fangirls by meeting their writing heroes. AND I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE, PEOPLE.

9. You can't get into a panel five minutes late at the Decatur Library or the door guard will say nasty things about you and send you away. But you can take off your shoes, eat a granola bar, or let your hoobies flop out of your shirt, and the security guard won't care. (I only did 2 of those 3 things, for the record.)

10. I should get out of my comfort zone more often. I met lovely people and had a wonderful time. I ate a wonderful Cornish game hen. I bought wonderful books. I wore a wonderful wrap dress. And I didn't have a single freakout attack. OLD DOGS REALLY CAN LEARN NEW, WONDERFUL TRICKS.

Next year: Dragon*Con, baby.


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