Wednesday, August 3, 2011

hyperbole and much less than a quarter

My feelings after a trip to Whole foods yesterday,
brought to you buy an art degree
and those weird, big pencils they use in Kindergarten.

Note: This is why I'm not an illustrator.

For someone who does this sort of thing 1000 times better,
try Allie Brosh at Hyperbole and a Half. She's my hero.


Lola Sharp said...

I know. I feel healthy and joyful shopping in Whole Foods. Ahhh, shiny optimism.
Days later I'm frantically rummaging through my house for Doritos and stuff to make real nachos....and throwing out all the overripe fruits and veggies rotting and leaking in my fridge. *sigh*

I've finally faced and embraced that I eat junk and I do not have the willpower (maturity?) to be one of 'those' healthy eaters.

I love your drawings. :)


delilah, the unruly helpmeet said...

Oh, tanks! :}

Yeah, I'm looking at this bunch of purple kale, and yesterday, I was all, OMG KALE CHIPS AND OBSCENE AMOUNTS OF HEALTH. And now I'm all, UGH, BITTER LETTUCE AND HOT KITCHEN.

ChaosMandy said...

Your drawings are pretty awesome :)

We don't have a Whole Foods, so I can't really experience that (and I tend to do badly at eating super healthy)

Tanya said...

That is a real, legitimate adjustment I've had to make since moving to Granolaville. I buy fresh "organic" veggies and fruits and it expect it to be ready to go a week later when I want to eat it. *No preservatives* I must constantly remind myself.