Monday, June 13, 2011

we interrupt this vacation recap with KICKASSERY

Do you know who that is, guys?

Do you? DO YOU??

No, not the bald dude in the right corner. On stage.


From what we saw last night, they've become the next Dave Matthews Band. Most of the audience members were rich white kids who thought they were at a sorority Rush event. I mean, tank tops, short shorts, flip flops, and sexy-hoochy dancing to passionate, Irish folktale-type music?

I was embarrassed for them.

And I'd also like to state that I'd altogether like to see fewer jumpsuits, strapless dresses, tucked in pink button-downs, and dock shoes. I kept expecting the guys from Cobra Kai to show up and start a fight with the adorably dorky vioinist.

Oh, but how was the music?


Unbelievable. Better than the CD. Brilliant show. Even in a crowd of 8000 at the Fabulous Fox Theater, they managed to make it feel intimate. They even hushed us down, unplugged, and did two songs 100% acoustically. I've been a fan since at least last fall, and now I feel reinvigorated and can't wait to pop my CD back in.

They played new songs, they raged on old songs, the lead singer roared, the banjoist swayed, the keyboard guy tossed maracas. You could tell how happy it made them, how deeply they felt the music. Their joy was palpable and rippled through the crowd. They gave an adorable shout-out to the band playing in a cafe earlier that day and even pointed out the guys, whom they had invited to the show just because they liked their music so much.

And when they heard an audience member threaten to punch another audience member in the face for being rude, they laughed and said, "That's f*cking funny. That guy's a dickhead."

And I was so, so happy.

So thank you, Elizabeth, for hooking us up with really great tickets. We were in the perfect spot. No matter how many clueless college guys stood up next to drunk dancing girls, we could still see and hear perfectly.

And thank you, Dr. Krog, for taking me out to a great show.

And thank you, Mumford & Sons, for making me feel alive.

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K A B L O O E Y said...

I LOVE me some Mumford and Sons! Rawk (I mean folk) on!