Friday, June 17, 2011

pregnant with possibility

No, I'm not pregnant.

No. Nope. Definitely not.


We're talking about possibility here.

And I got a haircut today, and when you have as much hair as I do, it's definitely full of possibility.

Kind of like a hedge maze.

I know the picture's weird, but I drove home with the windows down after a storm, wailing with The Civil Wars and yelling at turkeys. Well, really just this one turkey that hangs out on Rucker Road, and whenever I see him, I roll down my window and scream HEY, TURKEY.

But it's an awesome haircut. I love my stylist-- Elise at Soda Salon in Old Roswell. Our conversation went like this.

her: Wow, it's been a while.

me: Yeah, you gave me such a great haircut that it looked fabulous growing out. And then my bangs staged a mutiny. And I'm partying with Vikings tomorrow. But it's been a while.

her: Oh, yeah! It's been 20 weeks.

me: Um, your memory is creepy good.

her: No. I took my first pregnancy test 15 minutes before you came in, and I was totally crazy, and I'm 25 weeks today, so... I remember it. I'm sorry if I was totally checked out.

me: CONGRATULATIONS! And don't worry-- I was reading a really good book (Boneshaker by Cherie Priest) and totally didn't notice. In fact, I barely remember getting the haircut at all. Oh, because that's the week I made my first book sale! I was also totally checked out.

her: That's funny! We were both oblivious!

me: And yet the hair was awesome!

her: So you might want to make an appointment before I stop working the second week of September.

me: Perfect. My kids will be back in school then. OH MY GOD, BUT WHEN ARE YOU COMING BACK?

her: In November. Why?

me: Because I'm going to need an awesome haircut before my book launch party in the Spring.

her: Oh, I'll be back way before then. But if you need something over the holidays, you'll need to book soon. I'm filling up for Thanksgiving and December.

me: Why?

her: People want to look perfect for pictures and parties, I guess.

me: Rich people are weird.


Anybody in Roswell need a good haircut? If you're a new customer and you say I referred you to Elise, we both get $10 off our next service.

And should I get some feather extensions? I've been thinking about it. They have some long ones there that are peacock blue. I can't tell if I'm charmed or trying too hard.

Maybe I'm just charmingly desperate.



dottie liz said...

Hey, glad you had fun at the salon. Three of my co- workers worked at soda until the downtown location closed. I had the blue/teal feather in for a month. It was fun. I took it out and can save it for another time ( or I could mail it to you if you can find someone to put it in). The price can be high because it costs about $20 just for tthe feather) then you have to attach it. I paid $40 total for mine.
Your old friend, dorothy

delilah, the unruly helpmeet said...

Dorfy! If you ever work somewhere I can get to without highways, I'm so going back to you. I loved getting your magic while sitting on my rug in the sunroom.

The feather price at Soda was pretty good, actually-- $15 per feather installed. But I just don't know if I can pull it off.

dottie liz said...

You can do it!! My feather has 7 tiny ones all connected to one base. A bunch of blue and teal tones. Seriously if you want it I will mail it. You can curl it or flatiron it too. It's fun.

Virginia Valerie said...

You look fabulous darling. If you do get feathers and notice random men (possibly in waders) sneering at you openly in public, it's because they're fly fishermen and their suddenly newly expensive lures are in your hair. But of course they would look awesome on you. Especially if they were blue. You'd have the Comic Book Wonder Woman thing going on.

stephanie constantin said...

go for it! I totally couldn't pull it off, but I would do it if I wouldn't look like an idiot!

Whitney said...

get the feathers!