Monday, June 13, 2011

further pursuit of the infinite goof

Remember when Epcot was all about Figment?

Imagination has apparently taken the back seat.

I saw 7 princesses at Epcot and not a single life-sized dragon.

And when I told Dr. Krog I wanted to get Figment's coat of arms tattooed on my wrist, he almost choked on his protein bar. Combine a key, a dragon, a frilly shield, and a figment of one's imagination, and you've pretty much got me covered.

Don't worry, little dragon.

As long as you match her Rapunzel dress, I suspect you'll be popular at our house.

The ears match, too.

I'm pretty sure I was wearing a Goofy hat at that age.

And until high school.

The one with dangly ears.

I once dated a boy who was... what word did he use?

Ah, yes. He was disturbed by my Goofy hat.

I miss that hat.

Now I have to hide my inner goof most of the time.

Luckily, I'm surrounded by goofs.

And it's socially acceptable to wear silly hats all winter long.



K A B L O O E Y said...

Great shots! I'm always wearing an invisible Goofy hat my own self.

delilah, the unruly helpmeet said...

Thanks for commenting, my dear. Whenever a post gets no comments, I feel the sort of snuggly pity I feel for dead groundhogs and feral kitties.


Long live Goofy hats!