Monday, May 16, 2011

feeling plucky

Sometimes, humanity baffles me.

And I'm not talking about war or eating raw oysters.

I mean like today, I was in the Trader Joe's parking lot. It wasn't crowded or anything, and the day was cool but not raining. A silver minivan pulled up to the empty space beside my car and did that pushy edge-forward-edge-forward thing to stake a claim.

But silly me, I continued to calmly buckle my toddler's car seat, because I am one seriously selfish bitch.

So she started honking.

Seriously. She honked at me to hurry.

So I took my time, hoping she would spontaneously combust, or maybe just choose another parking space. But she didn't do either of those things. She just pulled right on in, inches from my car.

And then I learned why she was in such a darned hurry.

Well, first she ate a bunch of greasy noodles out of a Chinese take-out box.

Then she pulled out the tweezers.

And started plucking.


So I want to formally apologize.

Lady, I am sorry I made you 45 seconds late to pluck your chin hairs.

And I'm sorry you have chin hairs.

That you feel you need to pluck in public.

And I want to thank you for a little perspective on a frustrating day.

I may have had a difficult day, but at least I'm not plucking chin hairs in the parking lot.


delilah, the unruly helpmeet said...

No one's gonna comment on public plucking, eh?

That's cool. It's a hairy situation.

merveilleuse said...

Hahahaha. Poor plucker.