Friday, May 13, 2011

feelin' stompy

Yesterday, I put on my favorite shoes and a new shirt and felt like dancing.

But since Blogger has been down and unruly, I couldn't post until now.

Now, I feel STOMPY.

Me = Godzilla in awesome shoes

Tiny Car = BLOGGER, this weird cold, my unholy hunger for sugar, people who park too close, whoever canceled Firefly, the itchy spot on my healing tattoo, and the dueling-evil-banjos nature of my kids' attitudes today.



Now, back to your regularly scheduled unruly-ness.

Please eat a cookie for me. But don't tell me about it.

Because I'll totally stomp on you.


Eoywin said...

Whoever canceled Firefly does need to be stomped!

And the blogger outage annoyed me too.

Virginia Valerie said...

Watching Nathan Fillion in Castle ALMOST makes up for it, especially with the amount of Firefly references they make. ALMOST...