Thursday, May 19, 2011

down with sensible shoes

When I was young, I got to pick out shoes every fall at the athletic store with my dad. I always went for the most brightly colored ones. I remember the look of woe on dad's face when I went for the paint-splattered neon LA Gear high-tops instead of the sleek, no-nonsense tennis shoes that real athletes wore.

Then in high school, I bought hippy shoes and witch shoes and punk shoes.

Then in college, I bought hippy shoes and witch shoes and punk shoes.

And a pair of fringed cowboy boots that I was too puss to wear in public.

And then I bought comfortable, sensible work shoes.

And then I bought comfortable, sensible, one-size-larger pregnancy shoes.

And now?

Now I wear shoes that make me so happy I could squeal.

Well, yeah, and then I *do* actually squeal,
because wearing shoes like that feels wonderful.

Just another reason life's better at 33.


Heather said...

I so totally agree! I recently started finding what I like to call "cute" shoes and I LOVE wearing them.

It's just another one of the joys of being a girl that I was never taught growing up! It's time to make up for lost time.

LOVE your red shoes, by the way!

Brad said...

Have you tried Dorthy's Heel Click Trick? Anything?? Maybe you have to be from Kansas.

charissimo said...

Sexy Minnie Mouse.

Kate Hart said...

Those are rad. Where did you get them (she asks jealously)?

delilah, the unruly helpmeet said...

Thanks, y'all! Brad, I'm not clicking them together, because 2 munchkins is better than 100 munchkins, a witch, and evil monkeys.

Kate, I got them (for half off!!!) on the first day of a huge Anthropologie online sale.

They are now long gone.

But here they are on Amazon:

I think they're on Mod Cloth, too.

And they're Seychelles, so they're super comfy.