Monday, April 4, 2011

my kids meet the cannibal rabbits

First, the pic for my grandparents. They lived through the Depression, and so every year we honor them with the seriously cheesy Easter portraits they love.

Fake background, fake bunnies, fake eggs.

If I could throw in an angel and a jello mold to make my Mimi happy, I totally would.

Last, the pic for us. This image pretty much sums up our wacky, lovable kids.

Oh, and an outtake. They were supposed to make faces at each other. Only one of them got the message. The other was making knock-knock jokes about poop.

Aaaaaaand my duty is done for another year.

(Heh heh, I said "doody." Having a potty-training toddler will do that to you.)

Both pics by Eric at Target Portrait Studios. That kid's a great photographer and child-wrangler.


Ericka said...

Color me impressed. I expected all Target photos to look like the top one, overly staged. I love both those bottom pics, well done Eric at Target.

delilah, the unruly helpmeet said...

Thanks! And only $7.99 for two 8x10, two 5x7, four 3x5, and sixteen wallets. Of the black and white wallpaper one, of course.

I think the key was Eric-- he was a younger kid, maybe college age, and didn't insist on doing anything cheesy or trying to press the traditional stuff on us. He actually said, "I wish more people used the wallpaper, but they always want the crappy backgrounds."