Monday, April 18, 2011

here comes Peter Zombieface

They asked me to do face painting for the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt.

I painted two dogs, three cats, two disco divas, five butterflies, one flower fairy, four skulls, two zombies, a Frankenstein, and a Dracula.

Nothing says Easter like the undead, am I right?

But I digress.

We've got some nice kids around here, though. Good, zombie-loving Americans.

The internet is still spotty. I walk around the house holding my laptop out like a metal detector, hoping for a decent signal.

But when an internet door slams, a window of actual progress sometimes opens. I started writing a book last Monday-- a creepy YA. I finished it this morning.

So I'm off to revise and write and edit and marinate and sign book contracts and eat nothing but meat and beans and green things and look for more children to turn into abominations with my paintbrush.

April is a fun month, I think.


amber d* said...

Wait. You started writing a book LAST Monday and are already done with it?!


I have no words besides: Holy freaking crap that is awesome! GO YOU!

Anonymous said...

I hate you.

Anonymous said...

Don't hate me because I'm... just don't hate me.



LTM said...

LOL!!! "good zombie-loving Americans!" *snort*

when I was in HS, my BFF was/is an artist, and she always got volunteered to face-paint for every function. I have many fond memories of sitting beside her, eating a snowcone and thinking, "Wow. How does she do that???" :D <3

urfaqhesse said...

paint me! paint me! paint me at home with all my lovies.

congrats on the inking the deal, bad ass :)

amybhickman said...

It was awesome! Ryan was so proud of his Vampire Zombie fitting for a Spring Fling! :)