Thursday, March 17, 2011

sad badger

I wanted it to be a cupcakes and wine night.

A let's-dye-the-milk-green-and-laugh night.

Instead, it's a Chumbawumba night. A Matthew Wilder night.

A contemplative cup of green tea night.

A dig-your-sad-angry-badger-claws-into-the-dirt-and-hold-on night.

Tomorrow it will be a memory, and one day it'll be a joke.

That's what I like the most about getting older, I think.

The perspective.

Knowing that roadblocks aren't steamrollers. Just bumps.

Don't ask me why I'm sad. It's utterly stupid, and I'm wallowing.

Just look at the moon, and let's all think about

how life could be a lot worse.

1 comment:

jarvenpa said...

some nights are like that.

May tomorrow be better.