Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I love the smell of our CSA bag and can't wait to cook exciting, healthy things with odd vegetables. I hate the fact that they left out the kiwis and I don't want to bring it up and be the whiny new person.

I love that I spent 80 minutes playing tennis this afternoon. I hate the way my stomach looked in a photo a friend took of me climbing on a playground this morning, which made me realize I am apparently 15% larger than my brain thinks I am, which would explain why I have bruises on my hips from running into doorknobs.

I love listening to my children laugh and sing. I hate listening to them do pretty much anything when I'm trying to think, which I want to do more and more these days, foolish creature that I am.

I love putting the baby to bed, snuggling him and making up funny new knock-knock jokes that end in POOP. I hate the way his hair smells after he smears ketchup in it.

I love that tomorrow is Thursday, which means I get 2.5ish hours to myself in the morning. I hate that it's almost summer, and I won't have that luxury. But I love that my mother's helper will be out of school soon.

I love that we finally have Venture Bros. season 4 vol. 2 to watch. I hate that I can't stay up all night watching it because I clearly can't function on less than 8 hours of sleep, as evidenced by today, which was half TODAY IS THE BEST DAY EVER and half TODAY IS IMPOSSIBLE, if you couldn't tell.

I love how busy my life is right now, how full of possibilities and interesting pursuits. I hate the associated stress from saying YES to too many things and then all of them being due in the next two weeks and involving dangerous chemicals.

I love blogging and writing and social media. I hate that I can't do any of them right now, because it's bedtime, and I still have to go shower off the tennis stench.

Night, all. Sleep well, and may you dream of cupcakes.


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amber d* said...

80 minutes of tennis? GO YOU! Me and sports do not see eye to eye.