Saturday, March 12, 2011

Leboutin, shmeboutin

Carrie Bradshaw can suck it.

Because not only does her face look like a foot, but I think she's got the shoe thing all wrong.

See, I love shoes. But not $600 sandals.

No, I'm into boots.

That, for example, is the newest boot to capture my fancy. I fell in love with the brass stars on the heels and the White Rabbits on the soles. I was not so much in love with the $100+ price tag.

And then they went on sale for $49, and I was SOLD.

I love the aesthetics of a good boot. The perfectly swooping lines, the details. The way that a good heel feels better and gives me a few extra inches. The fact that, unlike Carrie Bradshaw's sandals, you can wear them for nearly anything and in any weather.

And also the tassels and stars and White Rabbits.

In boots, I stand taller. My posture's better. I feel proud and strong. I feel like I can run or ride or sit sedately or write or kick the world in the nuts, if I need to.

Especially in my cowboy boots.

You don't want to imagine what those pointy toes could do to the world's nuts.

90% of the time, I wear them under jeans, and no one can see the green flowers on the side or the cool stitching across the top.

It's my little boot secret.

See, Sex in the City only lasted 6 seasons.

But boots are forever.


Harley May said...

Yes, please.

Anonymous said...

I have the painting you did of Sarah Jessica Parker (in two frames) prominently displayed in my living room.

delilah, the unruly helpmeet said...

I knew you would support me, Harley. We are bootsisters, a sacred bond that goes unbroken.

We are also the Merry Wives of the Red Cupcake.

Anonymous, that's a FRIGGIN' HORSE, DUDE. Jesus. You so don't understand my art, even after all these years.

jarvenpa said...

I am commenting only because the word verification is
dowseado, so I think we should all go square dancing.

But I don't have boots. Only nice flat shoes and sandals to pamper my aging legs and allow me to walk long distances and leap tall buildings and such.