Saturday, March 26, 2011

i'm a believer

For last Tuesday's writing group, our first exercise was a short but challenging one:

Write 10 - 20 honest beliefs or statements that you're passionate about.

Here are mine.

1. I am horribly critical about art, but I still think any art is better than no art.

2. I believe in what XTC said: Any kind of love is alright.

3. I feel that any god that inspires hate or intolerance isn't much of a god.

4. I believe in chasing passion in life, because as soon as you settle for complacency, you start to die inside.

5. No matter what sort of diet I'm on or whether I'm being vegan or going dairy-free or gluten-free, I will NEVER turn down a piece of birthday cake.

6. I don't believe in quitting; I believe in knowing when to stop wasting your time.

7. I don't think Crocs or Uggs will ever get you laid.

8. I think that entirely selfLESS parents are just as dangerous as entirely selfISH ones.

9. When the muse is elusive, try coffee before noon and alcohol after 6. From 12 - 6, you're screwed and should probably just take a nap.

10. If I can't change it, I don't really want to think about it.

11. Bacon makes most things better.

12. Pretty things are good for the soul.

13. The hardest part of marriage/partnership is learning how to fight. The next hardest part is learning how to listen, even when it hurts.

14. Pictures of kittens are never a bad thing, and that's why the internet is an okay place.

Anybody want to share theirs?


Kate Hart said...

I agree with pretty much all this, but number 8 makes me want to hug you and then run around in circles.

MiaMomma said...

I feel you on #8 too and #13. I wish my 'husband' understood that. He doens't seem to get that conflict is normal, it's just how you learn to deal with it that's important.

Virginia Valerie said...

1. Weekends are for relaxing and having a good time.

2. I would feel a lot less comfortable if I tried to pin down whether or not I believe in god and in what ways.

3. It's no longer shameful to watch TV, now that TV is good and not the Lawrence Welk show.

4. In contradiction to 2, beer is proof that god exists and wants us to be happy (thanks Franklin).

5. I like kids.

6. Marriages should get better with age.

7. I don't know about soul mates, but there are some people you just get, and they get you, and it's a wonderful thing.