Tuesday, February 8, 2011

then and now, UGA edition

Today's visit to the Myers quad at UGA,
where we fell in love back in 1997.

THEN: To go to a show, you put on your steel-toed boots, jeans, and a shirt that can moulder in in a closet for two weeks until you can take it home and wash it at your parents' house, because the dorm washers can't handle that kind of smoky funk. You get moshed on. And sloshed on.

NOW: To go to a show, you put on a pretty dress, heels, and fancy jewelry. Even if the only person more dressed-up than you is on stage, you give everyone a beady eye until they assume you're important for some reason and quit gawking, because you only get to dress up, like, once a year.

And then you force your husband to take pictures of you in the pretty dress.
So you have proof.


THEN: You have a pocket full of quarters, so you go to the cheapest of the three pizza dives and order the Sicilian, because it's thicker, which means more pizza for your pizza dollar.

NOW: You ask the shuttle driver where the grown-ups eat. And you get a second glass of wine.


THEN: You can't figure out why everyone is wearing overly baggy jeans and Birkenstocks.

NOW: You can't figure out why everyone is wearing overly tight jeans and moccasins.


THEN: You eat dinner, and if you have enough money, you order your favorite red velvet cake, even though it costs $6. If the cost means you have to split it with a friend, you try to stuff the cake into your mouth faster than she can.

NOW: You go get the red velvet cake to go and eat half of it before dinner, then contemplate going back for a to-go-again slice.


THEN: You are amazed at what a strange city Athens is. The air smells of promise and oily garbage. Street people with cardboard signs sit outside smoking as rich girls shop for expensive dresses in stores called Posh Pony. Bookstores crowd up next to tanning shops, topless bars, and yogurt bars. You could sit and watch people for hours. You often do.

NOW: Exactly the same, except you can only people-watch for half an hour because you miss your kids. And it's freakin' cold.

Thanks to The Civil Wars for putting on a great show and jerking us out of the suburbs for twenty-four hours of fun in the town where we fell in love over ten years ago.
And thanks to my mom for watching the kids.

It's been a long, strange journey. But there was lots of cake, and it turned out well.

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Virginia Valerie said...

aw, this is so sweet, and girl, you look hawt in your dress!