Wednesday, February 16, 2011

a somewhat pathetic plea regarding a gnome and my gneeds

If you love books, and if you think Jeremiah Swakhammer is the perfect name for a jewelry artisan's pet gnome, and if you like me and want me to win a custom necklace from one of the coolest people I know, I humbly beg of you to go to this awesome blog and vote in the Gnome Gnaming poll.

No, this is not another one of my wacky, nonsensical dreams.

I want that necklace.

And I want to know that the gnome carries the marvelous moniker from Cherie Priest's steampunk book Boneshaker and not the current #1 name in the poll, Gnomus Maximus, which honestly just makes me think of a wrinkled, gnomey peep.

I know I ask a lot. I know. But I'm in second place. And I firmly believe that gno gnome should have to be gnamed Gnomus Maximus when the obvious choice is JEREMIAH GODDAMN SWAKHAMMER.

And I want that freakin' necklace.


Delilah S. Dawson said...

I'm in the lead! If you voted, I LOVE YOU. And the gnome loves you, too.

Gnomes are great for unconditional love, you know.

Virginia Valerie said...

Shouldn't Thorvold have won? It looks like that name got more votes.

Nicholas Denmon said...

Nice. I love those gnomes in a creepy, don't come into my room while I am sleeping sort of way.

I got one for my brother, whose wife instantly hid it behind a bush in the yard. There is now a war going on to see who wins out in the placement of the Gator Gnome.