Tuesday, February 1, 2011

reasons now is awesome


I get to color ponies every day.

Can you guess which ones are mine?
I couldn't find Kraken Pony,
but I guess that wouldn't even be a challenge,
guessing who made her.
She has a giant squid on her butt.
And she's crayoned in Asparagus,
arguably the ugliest color Crayola has ever conjured.
And yes, Tesla Pony has lightning all over her.


My kids are really, seriously cute.
Especially when the Biscuit reads to her brother.
And did you see the chunka-munka-yummy knees on that guy?

I like now, is all I'm saying.


Mrs. Beer said...

I always play with Avery's play-doh and coloring books at least twice as long as she does... aaaaaand this is what I have done with my art school education. lame

urfaqhesse said...

WAIT! what happened to T-Rex's leg???

i miss you guys. hugs

Taylor said...

Wow, Biscuit looks just like you! Maybe it's the weird face she's making...

Anonymous said...

1. Same here, Mrs. Beer. 3 years of my life for color-wheel-tastic ponies. Not quite fair.
2. Urfs, he got run over by stampeding wildebai. Or there could have been a tube slide involved. Either way, he hasn't slowed down for a single second.
3. Yes, her smile is... twisted, quite frankly. Just like dear old mom.


Virginia Valerie said...

why does he have a cast? What happened to little Rex person?