Saturday, February 19, 2011

bad movie night: haikus

may i introduce
no? too bad. S/HE'S HERE.
cheese fondue was yum
chocolate fondue was yum
movie was... um... chum.

starring tiffany.
i think we're alone now, but
greg brady's here, too.
ready for the plot?
toothed fish grow, grow nuts, go nuts
awesomeness ensues.


the hero is fitch.

a dude. that does stuff. with guns.

just go with it, k?


go, fitch, go. save us!
save us by never kissing
that hag tiffany.


the effects. dear god.
please don't do your CGI
in MS Paint, yo.


whale-sized piranhas. that's right.

and the fish explode
for no good reason. again,
just go with it, k?
a guy just blew up.
fitch shot a flare in his mouth


empty car. full car.
even the clothes switch sides. um.
editing might help.

this movie is sooooooooooo
much better if you're drinking.
so please pass the Scotch.

(to be quite honest
i love living in a world
where this crap exists.)


Taylor said...

If you like Megapiranha, you'll love Sharktopus!

Ericka said...

How can this post have only 1 comment? Your Haikus are works of art and a fitting tribute to a wonderfully bad movie night.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ericka!

I get more comments when I write about parenting and controversy and... well, that's about it. I guess I should blog about something sexier than Tiffany.


Anonymous said...

Nothing is sexier than Tiffany. Me-ow!