Thursday, February 17, 2011

10 things I learned by watching Glee

10 Things I Learned
by Watching 4 Episodes of Glee in a Row Last Night
Instead of Going to Sleep Like a Sane and Reasonable Person

1. The best singer at my high school wasn't 1/10 as good as the worst singer in Glee.

2. Men with curly hair might consider not wearing a gel helmet.

3. Even if the male lead is married to the most horrible woman on earth, I still get uncomfortable when he flirts with the OCD chick.

4. Apparently, there are schools where guys walk around carrying brightly colored Slurpies, and they throw them on thin, attractive, talented girls who publicly admit to being interested in sex.

5. Watching a car hit a mailman never gets old.

6. Chris Colfer is so adorable that I want to put him in my pocket. Not the one reserved for James McAvoy, though. A different pocket.

7. Erections can pop balloons, even through denim.

8. Brown loafers can look great with the right jeans, t-shirt, and professionally sculpted physique. If a stylist is involved, that is. And if there isn't too much hair gel.

9. It's possible for the name "Puck" to invoke something other than that guy on MTV who ate his own scabs.

10. I would like to watch more Glee.


Things I already knew because I love Best In Show:

The chick who plays Sue Sylvester is AWESOME.


Liam said...

Glee. Is the best. Chris Colfer is adorable. Darren Criss is the sexiest creatures upon which I have ever laid eyes. And Dianna Agron's voice is annoying.

Tanya said...

Ugh! Remember when he put his booger hands in the peanut butter?!

jarvenpa said...

Love Glee. You can watch it on
Which is excellent if you have a strange schedule and want to sneak in pop culture while everyone else is doing something else.

Andrea, The Barefoot Bard said...

Jane Lynch (Sue) is pure awesomeness... if you haven't seen A Mighty Wind, you should. :)