Saturday, January 8, 2011

top cakes

Bleedin' groundhog cake

(Lay off, man. It was 2002.)

The best cakes I've ever had are:

1. The red velvet cake made by Cecilia Villavece in Athens, GA, served at East/West Bistro and Last Resort Grill-- at least it was, the last time I was there. This cake is amazingly moist and the luscious red of Playdoh with almond-tickled buttercream icing.

2. This creme brulee cake we had in Greece. I don't even remember which city it was, much less which restaurant. But it was unbelievable.

3. The top tier of my wedding cake from Cakes by Shirley in Seneca, SC. They handed me a box and told me to open it in a year, and I assumed they were crazy. We took it with us when we moved to Alabama on our anniversary. We ate it out of the freezer that night, and much to my surprise, it was just as beautiful and delicious as the day of our troth-plighting.

Yes, I finished it. The whole thing. In, like, 3 days.

That thing up there, in the picture? That was the groom's cake, a bleedin' velvet groundhog. There were no leftovers.

4. The petit fours from Cakes by Darcy that my friend Jan got for my first baby shower. I ate all the leftovers. They were even better than cupcakes because there was icing in the middle and on every side. Come to think of it, WHY AM I NOT EATING THESE THINGS ALL THE TIME?

5. The double chocolate tarte from Anna Lee's. I had some last week for the first time in a year and almost cried with joy.

I could go on and on. I'm just hormonal and feeling all maudlin about cake.

You feel that way sometimes, too, right?


Whitney said...

I just had the double chocolate tarte at Anna Lee's last week! Delicious. Just found out about Anna Lee's about two months ago - what an awesome place.

Also, our wedding dresses were very much alike. Ah, the days before a bride was somehow required to go strapless on her wedding day.

Tanya said...

I can't even enjoy that cake mess blog because I'd still eat the ugly ones. Cake is an absolute good.

Anonymous said...

Tanya, did you mean "good" or did you mean "god"?

~cakeypants d.

Taylor said...

Oh man, now I'm totally craving cake. This is going to be a setback for my New Year's weight loss goals!

Tanya I ate the cake you left at my house. It was delicious, even though it was made by hippies.