Thursday, January 27, 2011

more fun with webcams

My webcam is like a magic cupcake gun.

It can be used for good or evil.

But I can't stop playing with it. I inevitably look ridiculous, and then I try to make myself look normal and pretty, but it doesn't work, so I get annoyed and start making faces.

Here's the progression from carpool today:

Slightly cross-eyed with a lot of chin and wonky bangs. Try again.

Okay, feeling like that guy in Of Mice and Men. Those eyes belong on two different people.

Oh, hell. Let's just do a weird one. Crap! I look like Cher!


And I tried it again, just now. In my favorite writing chair.

Wake up, lady! What, are you drunk and listening to Sublime?

Hmm. This thing is challenging. I wonder if I could beat it at Scrabble?

I give up. This cupcake gun is hereby EVIL.

Prepare for evil cupcakes.


Anonymous said...

I think the Hulk Smash picture looks most like you in everyday life.

Anonymous said...

I strive to equal that fantastic picture you posted on Facebook of me getting an eyelash out of my eye in the camera flash. UNBEATABLE.


Anonymous said...

Post that picture on your blog! Do it. Do it today!