Sunday, January 2, 2011

the biscuit sings, holiday edition

the biscuit sings:

December is spring
it is very beautiful
no no no no no
Rainbow Dash and her family to you
you will be friends with her family forever and ever
her name will be Rainbow Dash
and you will have a beautiful day
and maybe you will go ice skating
or roller skating toooooooooo
and maybe with Pinky Pie and Starsong
and also their families
they are tall and purple
and they can all fly together
you will enjoy to be
with their family
today there is no raaaaaaain
you will like to see her dance and sing
you will surely see her family
you will enjoy her food
and you are so pretty, too
when you will be wordsle woo
(that rhymed, mommy!)
Rainbow Dash and her family to you
they are a family every day
for goodness sakes
and snowflakes on Christmas Day
and noodle cakes
(pause to tie shoes)
Felicia Medad!
Felicia Medad!
(me: Who's Felicia?)
That Christmas song-- about Felicia Medad.
(me: You mean Feliz Navidad?)
Yeah, her.
It is very gorgeous
to have a Christmas Day
if you are very good
one day you will meet your family
and see your Autobot family
every day
and we will sew little clothes for our little pets
like RatBat and Buzzsaw and Shockwave
and we will all wear our clothes
like our extra armor
that we sewed
every day
little sweaters for Soundwave and Shockwave and Megatron
and we will leave big balls of energon cubes
on our Autobot lawns for the reindeer
and I am the best singer

Honestly, she's still singing, but I can't do this all day. My fingers will get tired. And I can only tell you about the reindeer food on our Autobot lawn for so many hours.

And this morning, while I was sleeping in, Dr. Krog taught the biscuit how to type on my laptop. I'm not 100% behind this idea, because you never know when a kid is going to spaz out or projectile vomit or something. But here's what she wanted to learn how to type:

[the biscuit] is nice.

[the biscuit] is pretty.

Daddy is handsome.

t.rex is loud.

Mommy is sleeping and pretty.

Omega Supreme is HUGE.

Optimus Prime is a red truck.

Megatron is a leader.

[the biscuit] is fun.

[the biscuit] is having fun at the playground.

[the biscuit] is smart.

[the biscuit] is tall.

t.rex is little.

A bee is bumblebee.

A giraffe is tall.

[the biscuit] is happy.

A lion is king of the jungle.

Butterfly is a pretty word.


A pear is a fruit.


Anonymous said...

A bee is a bumblebee? How long has this been going on? Why didn't she mention this before? Ugh!

delilah, the unruly helpmeet said...

I dedicate this post to Urfa. And to people who don't understand the thing about bees. Or the fact that "office" can be a sentence.

urfaqhesse said...

You know what? Even before I came to the comment page, i thought "D loves me and did this so i could sing this song all day."

I love you, too. And that girl is a genius.

You will be friends with her family forever and ever/her name will be Rainbow Dash :)

Happy new year to you all!