Sunday, January 9, 2011

3 things that are quite fine

Today I must recommend:

1. Archer. Recently released on DVD, this cartoon by Adam Reed is like Frisky Dingo meets James Bond with charming, sexy sociopath Archer Sterling, code name: Duchess, voiced by the peerless H. Jon Benjamin. Chris Parnell, one of the hidden gems of SNL, is also in there as Cyril Figgiss. It makes me laugh until my organs shift. But it's obscene and vulgar, so if you've a delicate constitution, skip it.

2. The Lady Julia Grey series by Deanna Raybourn. The first 3 books are available in a Nook bundle for only $9.99. SO. WORTH. IT. I haven't been so obsessed with books since the first time I read Outlander. Victorian historical romance mystery, but no bodice ripping at all. Well written, dryly humorous, clever. And I don't usually guess the murderer, either. I like it so much I'll be buying it in book form, if that tells you anything.

3. Getting on the mailing list for The shoes I almost bought for $60 last week are on sale today for $20, and I wouldn't know that without the email. I had no idea their prices fluctuated so wildly.

So there you have it. Vulgar geek cartoons, Victorian historicals, and cheap shoes. Throw in something of a cake-like variety, and you've pretty much summed me up.


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I'm so glad someone groks.

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