Monday, December 6, 2010


Partially true reasons I haven't blogged in over a week:

1. Aliens ransacked my room.

2. I decided to give the house a good cleaning and bake some scones.

3. My children are insane and suck the life out of me.

4. I have a draft of my second manuscript due to my agent and couldn't rest until it was completed, at least without Unisom, and the stuff I write on Unisom makes no sense.

5. I have the idea for the next book and am cogitating all the time.

6. The title is awesome, by the way.

7. I just keep buying hats. I'm trapped in a gigantic pile of hats, floundering in felt, choking on feathers. I almost suffocated last week, but I didn't. That was a cloche one!

8. My daughter and I are constantly fighting for the position of alpha female, and I can only glare so much. She's not saying cute stuff right now. Mostly growling.

9. My son keeps taking off his diaper and pooking on things. Honestly, that's what he calls it. POOK. I have been scrubbing pook for hours, and I never want to see pook again.

10. I've got a whole bunch of Christmas magic to fabricate.

11. I'm slogging through a YA book on my new Nook, and even though I want to edit it instead of enjoy it, I keep going back to it.

12. I'm writing for a local paper and a web site and some Etsy artists and don't really have time to think, much less think about being funny.

I'm pretty sure two of those are actually lies.

More later.


Virginia Valerie said...

I think i know which ones are lies! :-) Sorry to hear about pook. That is pooky. Speaking of which, I have a tiny present for the pookmonster but haven't gotten to the post!! Stupid aliens blocking the post office.

Anonymous said...

At first, when you hadn't posted in a week, I was all "Where is she? This is a bunch of pook!" But now I'm all "oh, that makes sense."

Runs with Granchildren said...

"Pook on the Wall" was your first artistic endeavor at 18 months...your first mural. Very intense.
My word verification was "flukator", which struck me funny for some reason.