Monday, December 13, 2010

pretty things

For the first... oh... 32 years of my life, I spent most of my time in jeans and t-shirts. Not baggy ones, at least not after high school. Okay, after college, because that's when they started putting stretchy stuff in jeans. But nothing fancy, and almost no accessories.

And then, all of a sudden, I took an interest.

I started noticing awesome shoes, statement necklaces, and interesting bracelets. I started wanting to shop. I started gazing longingly at Etsy shops.

And now I'm full-on obsessed. I'm actually daydreaming about this coat I tried on at Target yesterday, counting down to the day it will go on sale.


Today, for example, I was in Harry's Farmers Market to get some vitamin D drops for the kids and smell the winter selection by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfumery.

And then I saw THE SCARF.

Even surrounded by other beautiful scarves, it spoke to me.

I touched it. It felt LIKE BUTTER. Like butter made out of soft string spun from rainbow-colored lambs cavorting across a meadow of Turkish carpets.

I had to have the scarf. I was already wearing a perfectly nice scarf, one I knitted in 2003 of gorgeous Noro yarn. But it itched. IT DID NOT FEEL LIKE BUTTER.

I expected THE SCARF to cost about $30. After all, it was Harry's. Everything there is expensive.

But lo, THE SCARF was only $13.

And there was a 20% off sign.

So now, we are frolicking.

That picture honestly doesn't do it justice. For $10.49, I have something beautiful, hand-crafted, and lovely that will match most of what I own. And it feels?

Like butter.

My main point here is that it's important to surround yourself with beautiful things that make you happy on a daily basis. Try a hat. Put on your scarf. Buy some new eyeshadow. Get out of your comfort zone.

Because every time I wear THE BOOTS, I feel great.

The last time I felt special wearing a piece of clothing was my wedding dress, and before that, my prom dress. But when I put on my favorite things, I feel awesome.

You should go buy something awesome, too.

Pretty things are good for your soul.

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Anonymous said...

You once made me a scarf and it was awesome. I wore it for years until I accidentally left it at some girl's apartment. I didn't want to go back, so I let her keep the scarf and the baby as parting gifts.