Thursday, December 30, 2010

my favorite things, 2010 edition

Just a list of things I liked in 2010.

1. Accessorizing. Boots, hats, scarves, chunky bracelets, fingerless gloves, and dangly earrings entered my life this year. I also learned to style my own bangs, wear skinny jeans without looking like a moron, and turn lead into gold.

2. Penelope. I just saw this movie for the first time and have a crush on it. I want to put wee James McAvoy in a China closet and knock Christina Ricci over and steal all her coats and dresses.

3. Young Adult books. Honestly, I don't want to read about brave fights against wasting diseases and single mothers and racial struggles. Reading shouldn't stress me out and make me cry. I'll save the whole plumbing-the-depths-of-the-human-soul for when I'm old. Now I want vampires and falling in love and first kisses and basically anything that will eventually become a movie or TV show. It's escapism, pure and simple.

4. Samosas. Brawndo is what plants crave. Samosas are what I crave. And also cupcakes, but that goes without saying. Just like a deaf person's car.

5. Twitter. Granted, I mostly follow writers and editors, so the spelling and grammar are exemplary. But it's a fun challenge, expressing oneself philosophically and wittily in 140 characters or less.

6. Etsy. Anything you want to see in the whole world has either already been made or can be requested via Alchemy. And if you don't believe the "anything" bit, check out Regretsy. If you dare.

7. Writing. I love writing books, and I love writing editorials, and I love freelancing. I love writing so much that I haven't painted in months, because I'm a much better writer than I am a painter. Plus, when writing, the nose is never off.

8. TV shows on DVD. It's been a good year for that sort of thing. New seasons of House, Venture Bros., Scrubs, and True Blood. Season 5 of Futurama. Family Guy's It's a Trap version of Return of the Jedi. And repeat watchings of Frisky Dingo. And now we're getting into Being Human. It's almost like we're real people.

9. My Nook. E-publishing isn't killing paper. It's just making it possible for me to read anything in the world at 11pm on Sunday. RIP, Cap'n Ampersand. Bienvenue, Lft. Interrobang!

10. Getting all oily. With these handy oil slathers. Seriously. Instead of standing around, freezing as you put on lotion after the shower, you slather yourself with oil *in* the shower, rinse off, and go. Brilliant concept. Take that, goosebumps!

Other things I love: Those gigantic white beans in tomato sauce at Trader Joe's, Babo Botanicals hair detangler, The Thinker's Thesaurus, talking to people from high school on Facebook, the mini trampoline my kids got for Christmas, painting clay at one of those strip mall stores specifically for painting clay, peacock feathers, more scarves, fingerless gloves, Sprite Zero, using a French Press, Mumford & Sons, finding all my old ska CDs, Iron & Wine, having my art studio clean, that chair I bought on sale at Ikea, and having a literary agent.

It's been a splendorous year!

I hereby challenge 2011 to stomp it with kickassery.

The gauntlet is thrown. I leave you to it.

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Spotted Sparrow said...

Further proof of your kickassedness (ery?). Plus, I must now dig out my old Ska CDs. *skanks her way to the attic*