Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bo don't do diddly

The Biscuit had an extra bag slung over her shoulder when she got into the car during yesterday's carpool line.

"Mommy, I GOT BO!!" she shrieked.

And at first I was a little bit excited, because we've been wondering when the class's traveling bear would come to stay with us. But then I sighed deeply and started grinding my teeth, because when you're pretty much the last kid in class to get Bo, it's a little more complicated.

The first kid has one page, printed on a home computer with mom's handwriting, with pictures of him and Bo at a local pizza joint and watching a Little League game. No biggie.

The second kid has two pages, printed on a home computer with some clip-art, with pictures of her and Bo at a lacrosse game, visiting grandparents, and making cupcakes.

From then on, each mother had to out-do the previous weeks in order to keep her child from being forever known as "that kid that didn't do anything with Bo". The weeks right before ours are professionally scrapbooked with glitter, 3D, trips to the State Fair, and purchasing a fairy outfit for Bo at Build-a-Bear.

And now we've got Bo, and I'm caught between rebelling and just showing a quiet weekend at home and going completely gonzo on this project to utterly decimate all other moms.

My ideas thus far include:

1. Photoshopping Bo into the moon landing

2. Photoshopping Bo with President Obama

3. Taking Bo to Yellow River Game Ranch and throwing him in with the real bears so he can meet his cousins up close

4. Taking Bo to the PDK airport and letting him eat an overly priced meal on an old plane

5. Flying Bo to NYC for Fashion Week

6. Taking Bo out for a mani-pedi and some shopping at Phipps

7. Tie-dyeing Bo and saying he ran away to follow Widespread Panic

8. Getting a sitter and taking Bo out for a night of cocktails and art gallery openings. But he'd need some really good shoes first.

9. Sending Bo out with a brush to clean my chimney

10. Taking Bo to see the Dresden Dolls in downtown ATL tonight

We'll probably settle for a few fun interactions combined with some absolutely ridiculous Photshopping to show that we're totally punk rock.

Any ideas for what we can do with Bo the bear this weekend?


Jewels said...

Put the boots on him!

Tanya said...

Under the picture of Bo and Pres. Obama:

"Bo knows hope."

Anonymous said...

So far, we've taken Bo to the ChickfilA playground, visited the fire station, fed/rode goats, and played the piano. Next, we want to take him to B&N for some scholarly portraits.

Kate Hart said...

There's gotta be some bear puns or jokes you can work in there. Dress him in leather and title it "Bad News Bear"? Let him hang out with TPain and title it "I'm on a BOat"?

Anonymous said...

I personally liked the idea of Bo going to Fashion Week. Maybe it's because I wish I could go to Fashion Week.