Saturday, November 20, 2010

3 reasons to laugh

1. This is the ugliest cake I've ever made in my entire life. It tasted like heaven, though, so DON'T JUDGE ME AND MY UGLY DEAD-WHALE CAKE.

Or, as my mom put it on Facebook, "a beautiful brown steak with wings".

Maybe you were expecting a last minute save like last year's Farbie, but you are sorely mistaken. It was ugly, we ate it, the end. When I fail, I do so SPECTACULARLY.

t.rex: WAAAAH! MAMA!

biscuit: I didn't do it. He hit himself in the face.

me: Sure. Let's try the Socratic method here. What's today?

biscuit: Flursday?

me: No, it's Saturday. Why is today special?

biscuit: Because I got lots of presents for no reason?

me: Why else?

biscuit: We had cake?

me: Yes, and why did we have cake?

biscuit: Because it's t.rex's 2nd birthday?

me: Exactly So what don't we want to do to him today?

biscuit: Um... torture him?

3. This guy is 2. Or he will be on Tuesday. Absolutely amazing.

And not just his mohawk.

My girl is more serious, like her daddy. But that guy right there? Everything he does is comedy gold. I went in to check on him today when he was "napping". He had removed his diaper and pants, tied a dinosaur shirt around his waist, put on Darth Vader socks with his sister's running shoes, and was singing a song while he tried to do a headstand on a stuffed green parrot.

I can't make stuff like that up.

You rock, t.rex. I look forward to the day you can actually explain yourself instead of just saying "shoes sit my Gluck".

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