Thursday, October 21, 2010

PWNing 33

First off:

Secondly, I am having an excellent day. Better than excellent. Thanks to everyone who wishes me well on Facebook and Twitter, and especial thanks to everyone who expressed wishes for me to have much cake.

I do.

And it is awesome.

Know what else is awesome?

1. That my kids both wore what I asked them to wear for school picture day without crying.

2. That Dr. Krog took me out for a lovely breakfast of pumpkin pancakes.

3. That the Poketo stuff was on a 50% off sale at Target.

4. That my dear friend, the talented Alice Istanbul, gave me this awesome custom Kraken necklace for my birthday.

Isn't it gorgeous? It's so shiny that I can't get a good picture. It is an OCTOPUS.

And my dear friend Ericka gave me a vegetable steamer so that I'll quit making broccoli in a plastic microwave steamer that's probably giving me tumors.

Thank you both!

5. That Dr. Krog and my folks went in together to REPLACE MY BROKEN NOOK!

Did you see the old one? It looked like this:

So long, Cap'n Ampersand, with your broken screen that looks like a black bustier rising from half of Gertrude Stein's neck.

Hello, Lft. Interrobang. I will buy a cushy purse to carry you in, and you will never, ever die.

And if you do, they bought insurance this time, because I'm an idiot.

6. Also, I did henna on my hands last night. Turned out pretty good.

Okay, so the picture's pretty weird, but that's what you get with the self timer.

The left hand is based on two 3's in the shape of a butterfly, which turns into four open books, and each of those have the initial of one of the books I wrote this year. Then flowers, vines, and stars, with Dum Spiro Spero along the pointer finger.

Left hand isn't quite so cool, because I'm only about 75% ambidextrous.

The other quarter of me isn't a frog at all.

7. My mom is coming to watch the kids later so that Dr. Krog and I can go out and stuff ourselves. I'm thinking hibachi, because I like it when birthdays involve fire and catching fried shrimp in my mouth.

8. Dr. Krog also made wonderful signs and hung them up all over the house. I love my birthday signs.


So I'm going to go enjoy it some more. Ciao!


Anne said...

Happy Birthday! I love the henna hands.

amber d said...

Happy Birthday!! The henna hands rock and so does that cake! Yummy :)

resolute twig said...

Happy birthday! glad its a good one :)

Liam said...

Inicidentally it's my best friend's birthday as well; happy birthday to the both of you!

And aw, you name(d) your Nook(s) cool things. Greetings from Lolita the Kindle. Who will never ever ever ever ever ever ever break.

*knock on wood*

Wendy said...

Happy birthday!

Tanya said...


K A B L O O E Y said...

You know adults are allowed to buy cake whenever they want, right? So in theory, since you apparently control your own aging process, you could eat cake for no reason and never age. Like Betty Crocker and Dorian Gray's love child. Anyway, happy happy birthday to you; it's sounds pretty perfect to me.

jarvenpa said...

Happy Birthday! I love it how your cake and your henna hands kind of match. May the year to come be full of delights.

urfaqhesse said...

1) i'm sorry i missed your birthday
2) your henna makes me so happy
3) you deserve all of your happies and more
4) i love you
5) come visit

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! every year gets better, eh?


EttyOop said...

Happy belated birthday! :-)