Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Here's what I need.

+4 hours of sleep
-2 small, nagging people
+1 clean kitchen
-1 broken fish tank
+1 birthday cake
+1 birthday dinner
+1 childfree trip to B&N tonight to see Scott Westerfeld
+1 signed copy of his latest book, Behemoth
+2 hours of ice skating
-5 pounds, but without doing any exercise other than occasional ice skating
-4 days a week of other preschool parents sending junk food in for snack
+1 better behaved preschooler
-2 checks for preschool that I meant to write last night at Open House
+1 shower
+1 new bar of handmade soap
+1 clean, fluffy towel
+4 hours of napping afterwards
+1 babysitter who can make all that happen
+2 small, sticky hugs afterwards
+1 trip to Joanne's for some henna
+1 cool birthday present for my dad
-1 Dr. Krog, who has made me a Fallout: Las Vegas widow
+5 more hours of sleep, because I'm in a huge deficit
+1 primal scream


I don't know, because I'm very sleepy, and the coffee isn't helping much. t.rex woke me up at 5:30, and our upstairs clock said 6:30, which was A DARNED DIRTY LIE. It was too early for him, of course, and now he's having his 10th tantrum this morning because, and I quote, ME NANA NEE.

I have no idea what that means.

Can I go back to sleep yet?

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