Saturday, October 16, 2010

how magic happens

Have you ever wondered how a book gets written?

(If not, please keep reading anyway. Humor me.)

Some people have thousands of index cards or Excel spreadsheets. Others graph out plot points or print out the whole manuscript and tape it to the wall. Some people plan, and others write by the seat of their pants and are called, in the pub biz, Pantsers.

I am a Pantser. And I've been stuck on my next manuscript, a YA paranormal, waiting for inspiration to get me from page 57 to the real meat of the story.

And inspiration finally struck-- at 1am, while I was underslept and on Unisom. I actually thought it was some weird dream until I found my notebook propped open with a pen today.

The notes that I took in the pitch black dark read as follows:

eh2a - dong necronancy
dry tokiw hren
head wound of o2
3 blindgugs
hearthbunny, orange
undergrass - cawed nihilism
cidy meme - clve to hogins
go on druck/nun any slugs
snd abandwed zeo
need: sind healry*

So that's what my next book will be. I'll let you know when it sells.

*I actually know exactly what it says, because I can read my own crappy handwriting. And it's awesome.


resolute twig said...

midnight inspiration is the greatest :)

cant wait to read it!

jarvenpa said...

Yep. And I bet the hearth bunny is blood thirsty. You and your rodents!!
I have a friend who dreamt the secret of the universe, the thing that everyone needs to know, the one true thought. He was very excited and wrote it down so he could tell everyone.

He wrote down

peanut butter.

Which might just be the secret of the universe, I don't know...

delilah, the unruly helpmeet said...

I once woke up clutching a piece of paper that read, "Everything that is or was can be exclusively described through movement." ~Jan

Mind you, Jan was my best friend who had died a few months before. And I'm pretty sure she made me write it on the side of an empty swimming pool using my own blood.

But. I mean. WHOA.

amber d said...

Isn't it funny how the best inspirations hit us when we're zombied out?

Literaticat said...