Tuesday, October 5, 2010

goodbye, my cookie. hello, my cobwebs.

I've got to make this quick, because Dr. Krog is breathing down my laundry, waiting for me to get my stuff out of the dryer and go to bed early.

1. I'm starting the new new new NEW Cruelty. Today was soup for lunch and shredding. Goodbye, dear red velvet sandwich cookies from the Target bakery.

Oh, but hello awesome new owl-talon cast necklace from Etsy!

2. We're halfway through decorating for Halloween, our favorite season.

3. I have the best family ever. Except maybe for the Kardashians or Osbournes, who I hear are quite chummy.

We're trying to get the Biscuit to talk about something other than Transformers. Everything from balloons to the cat to imaginary Godzillas are being named Thingity-Prime and Ravage-One and taking on robot form.

We are failing. She still insists that she only knows things because she's Arcee.

4. My kids never, ever, ever hold still.

5. The Biscuit is the Top Chimp tomorrow, which means we have to bring snack for 12 kids. And it's supposed to start with a "D". Do you know how few healthy kids' snacks begin with D?

Thank heavens I'm creative and have a Sharpie marker handy.

More tomorrow.

For now, pro-beauty, anti-chubbers sleep.


Runs with Granchildren said...

Duckies...that;s freakin' hilarious!! You are the most clever daughter in the world!

Janet said...

I guess donuts are not a healthy and nutritious snack for little ones?

delilah, the unruly helpmeet said...

Janet, they're actually *making* donuts in class today somehow. I guess I could always make donut milkshakes.

Virginia Valerie said...

HAHAHAHA!!! OMG the duckies made me laugh. You are awesome! Hey, don't get so skinny that you lose your sense of humor, ok? It's only worth looking like a supermodel if you are actually making bank like a supermodel.

Also, still love your hair. You are rocking the $#*t out of those bangs, baby.

Anonymous said...

I was so proud of my "duckies"... until they came back home unopened with a circled, underlined, scribbled note about how they may (or may not) have been made in a factory that also may (or may not) process nuts.

And then the Biscuit gave me a big speech about how I messed up and almost killed some kid in her class.

Now, in revenge, I'm eating the little jerky Duckies, because there's nothing I hate so much as messing up and getting my virtual hand slapped.

Stupid Duckies.

(This is Dee-- I'm just too lazy to sign in.)