Sunday, October 31, 2010

freddy, spidey, batboy, and skullduggery's excellent adventure

Me first, because I'm a horrible person. And I don't want to take off my makeup. Funnest costume evar.

And next up is the Batboy. Here's his MO:

"Treat. Thank you. 'Ween."

And then he'd try to run into the street.

And then there's Spidergirl.

And Dr. Krog, of course, went as Freddy Krueger with the totally awesome custom Freddy glove I commissioned for him a few years back. And the Goodwill sweater I painted for him.

That's love, folks.

He skipped the Elmer's glue and red Sharpie makeup so he wouldn't scare the kids.

I think he is marvelous, in a totally burly way.

All in all, it was the best Halloween ever. I have pics of all our friends' kids, too, but it feels weird putting them up on my website. I only feel good about exploiting my own progeny. But let's just say that we traveled with two wagons, two fabulous moms, a hip werewolf chick, a black cat, and Supergirl.

If you're on the fence about having kids, let me assure you that the re-magic-ation of Halloween is one of my top 10 reasons to give in to breeding.

Hell, even Thanksgiving is pretty good, these days. But I don't think I'm allowed to dress like a sugar skull for that, so I don't care.


Christine's Arts said...

you look totally awesome!! I love your makeup. my kids are getting too old to trick or treat, but they carved pumpkins!! still have the halloween spirit.

Jewels said...

Sigh. I wish they had spider-girl costumes when I was little. That is so cool.

Anonymous said...

I found a picture of me at 4 in my Spidergirl pajamas at my parents' house today. I showed the biscuit, and she said, "Uh, that's not a very good costume. You should have got one like mine. Mine's pink."

Kids these days. Srsly.

~lazy d.

K A B L O O E Y said... HE wouldn't scare the kids??

Anonymous said...

I didn't scare anyone. I guess it was the colors and flowery eyes, but the kids didn't recognize me as "skullface". They just thought it was funny. And sparkly.

Sparkles help.

~lazy d.