Monday, October 4, 2010

finally, my anthem.

I don't usually do this-- posting other people's videos. But I had to.

Seriously, guys. This is my anthem. Not so much the gaming, maybe. But I know that Han shot first and I definitely aim to misbehave.

If you are a chick who is remotely geeky, you've got to see it.

If you're a guy, you'll like the mostly naked hot chicks.

If you're one of my kids, you'll hum the song all day, even though you've never heard the Katy Perry version.

Geek and Gamer Girls Song - Watch more Funny Videos

So say we all, am I right?

Oh, and p.s.? Seth Green. 'Nuff said.


kris said...

seth green? well, sure, but STAN LEE?? wahoo! very cool video, who are those chicks? :)

Katiri said...

ah, Seth & Katee had me at SO SAY WE ALL!

Anonymous said...


If I were the sort of person who had a fancy phone and knew how to teach it tricks, I would have this as my ring tone.

Hell, I'd just have my phone play it randomly during the day to make me happy.