Wednesday, October 6, 2010

9:46 thoughts

When the air is exactly this temperature, I feel 16 again. My teeth clench. I'm filled with random and unwarranted hope. I feel like something great is going to happen. And I want to wear funny hats.

Cold sheets are one of my favorite things in the world. Always have been. And then I like to slip out of the covers and tuck them back. Return a few minutes later, and there's a warm pocket. Mmm. Warm pocket. Much better than Hot Pockets.

I wish I could be a steampunk Medusa for Halloween. I wish I had somewhere to wear my costume besides my neighborhood, where only 1% of my neighbors "get it".

I can't wait to go sit outside tomorrow morning and write. I'm redoing the YA zombiepocalypse piece in present tense. It's hard but fun. That's what she said. No, but really.

The last time I wrote outside in the morning was Tuesday, and my fingers were so cold that I spent a good part of Tuesday night hunting through Etsy for fingerless gloves. Of the ones I saw, about 40% looked like lacy underwear and 40% looked like sweaters worn by old men in Wales.

I learned something new tonight: One should never eat Quorn on an empty stomach.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to try leggings tomorrow. I'm amazed that I'm almost 33 and still haven't gone zen about my body. Shouldn't I be outgrowing these issues? Or at least doing more about them?

One of my favorite things about having kids is that I have a reason to hang around playgrounds again. Climbing trees, swinging, sliding, turning cartwheels, and hanging upside down on monkey bars are just as fun as they used to be.

Riding carousels is fun, too, although the mall doesn't let adults ride anymore. Such a pity.

I wish I liked being a little hungry like I like being a little cold.

The weird part about being a married grown-up is having dreams about being a teenager and holding someone's hand, then waking up and feeling guilty-- because you're married, and you're not supposed to be holding other people's hands.

Last spring, I bought 6 boxes of Candy Cane Lane decaf green tea on Ebay. I'm not even halfway through my stash, and it's going to be available again soon. I need to drink my tea faster.

It's not my fault red velvet sandwich cookies are so good.

Sometimes, I get Tucker Max and Tucker Mouse confused. Or I think of them as one entity, Tucker Max Mouse.

I've been going to my hometown's Youth Day Parade every year since forever. I'm pretty sure I like it more now than I did when I was a kid, even though I don't eat the candy. One of these years, I'm pretty sure the mayor's horse is going to throw him, because he's got a horrible seat. And then I'm going to laugh, but only if he's okay.

I think I'm sleepy now. Thanks for listening. Sweet dreams and cold sheets to you all!


Kate Hart said...

"When the air is exactly this temperature, I feel 16 again. My teeth clench. I'm filled with random and unwarranted hope. I feel like something great is going to happen."

This is such a perfect little snippet.

nova said...

Yeah well last year my boyfriend went as a taco for Halloween and I was a shark attack.

We HAD to go trick or treating with the neighbors because the kids are all friends, and literally we went with four Hannah Montanas and three Billy Ray Cyrus'. Like...I'm talking about the PARENTS. Awful.