Wednesday, October 27, 2010

6 impossible things before breakfast

1. Woke up before 7am in a reasonably good mood.

2. Successfully used the Heimlich Maneuver to remove a chunk of Kashi bar from the throat of a robotic dinosaur named Grimlock before ME GRIMLOCK CHOKE TO DEATH.

3. Figured out how to turn 3 entire chapters into one heraldic poem that never rhymes "friend" with "end.

4. Purchased these kickass booties.

5. Put in my contacts on the first try without poking myself in the eye.

6. Managed to remember my dream, which involved visiting an old friend's new baby, which was kept in a room with 17 fireplaces in Florida. We had a great time until the alien stripminers showed up, and then we had to run past burrow owls and peacock trees until we found a convenient locker room in which to hide, because stripmining aliens don't know how to open lockers.

Sadly, I've only done one impossible thing since dinner, and that involved winning a slapfight with the cat.

I've got to work harder at the impossibilities.


Tanya said...

You beat a cat in a slap fight? Unpossible!

Virginia Valerie said...

Love the booties! They are so you!

Also, was i the friend in your dream? If so I take it as a good omen. :-)