Thursday, September 9, 2010

kids are fierce.

1. Fiercely awesome.

2. Fierce, as in cruel as the sharpened claws of a lynx.


me: Um. I got a haircut.


me: Thanks. You're sweet.

biscuit: Oh, mommy. When your friends see what you did, they are going to tell you that you look BAD.

me: Awesome.

biscuit: HA HA HA HA HA! Oh, mommy. You are so, so funny.

Please tell me it's not that bad.

I just wanted to look like a rock star instead of a mom.


Added 5:32. Let's try again with help of a round brush and some better eye goop. And something no one has ever seen before: me wearing lipstick.

I'm breakin' all the rules today, friends.


Spotted Sparrow said...

Not bad at all! You just need some black eye grease. ;)

jarvenpa said...

Nah, you look very edgy and lovely. Children are very conservative beings. I recall my daughter frequently asking (from about the moment she could talk)
"Are you going into public dressed like that?"
She also was known to say "You may borrow my comb. I guess you don't know where yours is??"

Caroline D. said...

YOU LOOK HOT. HOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTT. (that's HOT drawn out, not hoot)

I like it very much.

resolute twig said...

it looks great :)

I think she was commenting on the change more then the new look.

stephanie constantin said...

I love the bangs! I was debating cutting mine, but I chickened out!

Delilah S. Dawson said...

Black eye grease added. ::wink::

Thanks, guys. I think Dr. Krog had a talk with her, because she didn't laugh at me a single time when she got home from jiujitsu.

Austin said...

Love the bangs!

Alice Istanbul said...

Oooh, I like it a lot. I like combed-to-the-side bangs. It suits you tres well.

Anonymous said...

You look like Drusilla.

jarvenpa said...

Lipstick is also awesome.

The word verification is

I wonder if I can have those fried??

t. said...

i love how kids just blurt out whatever is in their heads.

i went from waist length hair to a pixie cut one day. picked my son up at school and when he saw me, he laughed so hard. pointed, too. and said, "you look like grandma!" he was almost rolling on the ground with laughter.

like water on a duck's back, baby. ;)

ps. i like the side swept bangs on you.

Delilah S. Dawson said...

....and Anonymous wins. Huzzah!

Virginia Valerie said...

You look HAWT, in both pictures, and the Biscuit can suck it. :-)

Janet said...

I actually like the hair better in the first pic. But no, you do not look bad at all. Unless you mean "bad" like Michael Jackson meant bad.

Anonymous said...

D, LURVE the bangs! So freakin' rockstar - makes me want to push my own mess o' hair a little further. Easy to style or...?

Delilah S. Dawson said...

Supervillainess, I just wetted the bangs in the shower, sprayed with a little Bumble and Bumble creme that was lying around, and blew dry with a round boars' bristle brush for 2 minutes. So much easier than I had imagined!

You could totally pull it off, because we are practically twins, although you make much better soap.

ps. What was that lovely black stuff? Please tell me it smells like Halloween.

charissimo said...