Wednesday, September 1, 2010

here's the thing

Today included:

* surprise Krog surgery
* mothering a 4 year old and a not-quite-2ish-enough-to-make-sense-year-old
* getting yelled at a lot, including the word MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY
* mindlessly buying mineral eyeshadow on Etsy to remain sane
* writing the second chapter of the next book, which I swore I wouldn't start yet
* my first viewing of that hellish "Numa Numa" guy video from Youtube
* getting the Numa Numa song stuck in my head all day, along with helpful visions of the South Park kids going to Canada, because my brain just can't let go of stuff
* watching Total Recall with a drugged guy and a notepad
* something else
* see the point?

I did realize something, though.

I'm a hurdler. Always staring at the next hurdle, thinking, "After that, I can relax".

Today, I realized that the whole hurdley thing is completely stupid. While I enjoy relaxing, as in, "Oh, we're at the beach" or "I just cleaned the bathroom and have something new on the Nook", I'm just not the sort of person who is going to loll around and rest on my laurels.

Have you ever thought about resting on laurels? It would hurt! They're all pointy!

But when I'm between projects, I'm dull, lazy, and have a tendency to be moody and depressed. My natural state is to be working toward something. When I was pregnant, I was constantly creating something, every second of every day, so I felt free to laze and read and do nothing. Same thing when I was nursing. I was making stuff.

But now I'm past that. And if I'm not making something, I'm not happy.

I'm not me.

So I'm on chapter 3 of WIP5 and loving it already. Doing something completely new, of course. Let's just say that it starts with a chick fight in a Waffle House and goes downhill from there.

Anyway, the point is... um... the point... I had a point... Unisom kicking in...

A hungry animal lives longer.

And I don't mean a hungry animal like Dr. Krog, who ate FIVE HAMBURGERS today since having his wisdom teeth out.

I mean that I'm better when I'm racing towards the next hurdle, but I finally realized that it isn't about the next hurdle.

It's about racing.


p.s. Retro movie review tomorrow!

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Alice Istanbul said...

Aww, feel better Dr. Krog.
And you, too, Delilah. Hope you have a restful night.