Friday, September 17, 2010

hello, new computorial boyfriend

Today two separate people declared my old laptop D-E-D.

And Jenny even gave my kid a fireman's hat as she passed on the dire news, which is why Jenny is the coolest librarian EVAR.

And sure, I mourned.

For, like, two hours.

And then I got all antsy-in-the-pantsy.

See, for me, my laptop has pretty much become my office.

It's where I keep all the versions and iterations of my books. It's where my photos live. It's where I research and compile my reviews for Cool Mom Picks. It's my playground for making nerdy retro movie reviews for It's how I find out where my mom friends are and what my old friends are up to and who I need to buy a birthday present for. It's how I keep up with my literary agent and my author friends and which Jewish holiday it is, because they're all in New York.

Not having a laptop, for me, is a lot like not having a house. Sure, you can stay at your friend's house or crash with your folks. But the whole time, you know they're waiting for you to leave so they can clean up and see if you broken anything and hid it under the mattress. You can never take off your pants, make a big cup of tea, and relax.

So although I'm super duper grateful to Dr. Krog for letting me borrow his computer for a few days, I'm super duper pooper scooper grateful to Dr. Krog for helping me out emotionally and fiscally as I purchased the new box, who* has been christened H.E.L.P.eR. after the robot on the Venture Bros.

And if you're the sort of person who's reading my blog so they can come ransack my house, let me tell you right off the bat that I'm a cheap bastard, and this is a no-name brand of barely functional, out-of-date machinery. It's not worth fighting past the pit bulls and stake-lined pits of rabid ostriches.

*Yes, I anthropomorphize. You can't be surprised.


gardengirl said...

So glad - would hate not to read your inspired craziness!!!

Virginia Valerie said...

glad you're back in the saddle. the world was a sadder place when you we're off the grid. :-)