Wednesday, September 8, 2010

he says, she says

biscuit: Is Megatron a mammal?

dr. krog: Well, what are the characteristics of a mammal?

biscuit: They present milk (“’produce’ not present,” says Dr. Krog), but he’s male, so I don’t know…mammals have hair and he doesn’t really have much hair. He’s kind of all silvery. Is he warm blooded?

dr. krog: Well, he runs on electricity, that’s what channels inside him. He’s a machine.

biscuit: (very grandly): The question is ‘is electricity warm or not?’

dr. krog: He’s not a mammal, dude. He doesn’t even have blood, just electricity. Transformers do, accordingly to the story, have a soul, so he’s a living machine and sentient. But not a reptile or mammal. Not an animal at all.

biscuit: (playfully): Okay, daddy, I get ya.

(five minutes go by as they watch season 3 of Transformers from the 1980's)

biscuit: Daddy? I don’t think Star Scream is a mammal either. But he’s still cinnamon.

dr. krog: Sentient? He thinks for himself?

biscuit: Yeah, sentient. That’s what I meant, of course.

dr. krog: Yep, I guess you’re right.

biscuit: Of course I am. I’m very smart.

dr. krog: And humble.

* * *

Last night over dinner, the biscuit acted like a crazed nincompoop. She spilled her milk, refused to eat her dinner, took off all her clothes, and pretended she was a cat.

dr. krog: Biscuit, have you been this unruly all day long for your poor mother?

biscuit: No. Just at dinner.

dr. krog: Why are you acting this way?

biscuit: I don't know. Sometimes at dinner, I just can't help myself. I just get all buttered up.

(The Biscuit watches Dr. Krog and I dissolve into cackles of mirth. We can't help it, though. When she says stuff like that, we just get all buttered up.)

* * *

Forgive my scattered posting. I'm past the halfway point in WIP5, still enjoying the honeymoon period. At this point, writing is like a drug, and I can barely make myself put down the laptop and go to sleep. Don't even ask about the dishes.

You just don't want to know.

It's like Mount Everest in there, but with spoons.


Anonymous said...

This post made Urfa all buttered up.

Anonymous said...

Where do kids get these things from? Hilarious!