Tuesday, September 28, 2010

anybody like teen geeks n' zombies?

I wasn't going to do it. But now I'm gonna.

Anybody wanna beta read for my next book, a YA zombiepocalypse called Attack of the Batsh*t Bimbos? It's about 53k words, or 160 double-spaced pages, which is a good bit shorter than most 'adult' books.

I liken it to unpreggo Juno meets Shaun of the Dead. The most basic premise is that everyone using tanning cream and drinking fake sugar turns into a zombie and then bites all the people nearby, leaving sixteen year old Pauline French as one of the few cute girls left to navigate a world ruled by zombie-fighting geeks.


1. You are a nice person that I can trust not to spread it around or plagiarize it or smash my feelings with a whiffle bat. But not nice enough that you'll tell me it's awesome if it actually sucks. So please be brutally honest with just a shot of nice.

2. You read pretty quickly.

3. You can offer insights, whether small time (grammar, spelling, extra spaces) or big time (plot, character development, pacing).

4. You're familiar with the YA genre. It's written for kids 12 to 18 or so (and, um, women like me) and is therefore fast and wacky and cussy. If you just finished Eat, Pray, Love or Freedom or anything by Salman Rushdie and are hungry for something even more pedantic, it's probably not going to float your boat.

5. You must bring me more red velvet sandwich cookies from Target. Okay, not really. But I wouldn't complain.

If you're in like zombie Flynn, email me at delilahpaints [at] yahoo [dot] com.


Anonymous said...

1. I'm somewhat nice. To you.
2. I read much faster than you.
3. I will offer insight. It will probably be about grammar and character development. Maybe pacing.
4. I teach the YA genre. And I hate Rushdie - that guy is the pits.
5. I often promise to bring you red velvet cake, but the place you like in Athens never has any.

stephanie constantin said...

the only one I would qualify for would be #5. sorry!

Anonymous said...

It's me, Dee.

To those who have volunteered to beta: THANK YOU!

It's undergoing major revisions due to a gigantic plot hole discovered by the amazing Ericka. Not sure how long it'll take, but I'll get back to you. Promise!